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Skip Stein

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Skip handles most of the Lifestyle Coaching!  Why?  Since Skip is 73 (2019), seems like he has learned a thing or three how to LIVE.  As a Holistic Cancer Survivor, contributed mostly to a change to a Plant Based Lifestyle, he has learned how to change and adapt, while Enjoying our journey together!  You can read Skip's Bio on his site.

Anyway, Skip & Nancy have been leading a Plant-Based Lifestyle for ten years; making a dramatic change upon hearing of Skip's diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  As big meat and dairy consumers, it was a drastic but mostly overnight change.

How did it go?  Well it was a significant adjustment for sure, but the Changes happened quickly. Following a relatively short detoxification process, Skip & Nancy began to drop accumulated weight, started feeling 'better' overall and found they had more energy than ever.

Both Skip and Nancy had careers that had them traveling the globe and that energetic lifestyle was renewing itself.  Now after over six years on a Plant Based Diet and having adopted a much more energetic lifestyle, Skip & Nancy found a love of hiking and outdoors adventure and formed another company, Road Tripping USA, that focuses on road travel across the USA.


This aspect of our Lifestyle approach is first finding out what issues you have.  Providing someone who will Listen first and never try to tell you what to do!  That never works, just like dieting never, ever works.

We want to understand why you think you need a Lifestyle Coach in the first place <smile>!  Yes, we will let you know if we don't think you do!  On the other hand, the reason you contacted us in the first place was because of your perceived need for assistance.

Most Americans and others who follow a Standard American Deadly Diet (SADD) find themselves over weight, lethargic and on hosts of meds. These medications, prescribed by doctors, are mostly to treat lifestyle diseases; caused in most part by your Lifestyle.  Diabetes 2, Heart Disease, Cancer and more are caused by a failed immune system and that in turn, it the result of lousy nutrition!

We want to help YOU change that and begin to Live a more Plant-Based Lifestyle.  This new Lifestyle will be easy for some and more difficult for others to adopt.  That is where our Coaching and encouragement comes into play.

We work With You to help guide you to an approach that fits your current demands of job, family and life challenges.  Everyone is different and not one lifestyle fits everyone.  That is why we Listen and work With You to help the adjustment process take hold so it will last the rest of Your Life!

Skip offers his personal experience in dealing with Cancer and other personal challenges in the health area to those who may also be facing the, often daunting, issues involved with health and wellness.  Skip also applies his degree in Psychology during his health and wellness counseling sessions to ease his clients into a new lifestyle and begin the journey to health and wellness.  His degree in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Houston,  provides an excellent background in his Lifestyle Counseling practice.

Why not give Skip a call NOW and receive a Free 20 minute counseling/listening session to see if we can help You begin your journey into a New, more Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle!

Call Skip at 1.407.680.3914 or just click on the 'Contact' button on the bottom of all our our web site pages!