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Our Lifestyle Training Programs are availible at three levels of service: the Healthy Nutritional Weight Loss and our Disease Prevention  and Disease Reversal level.  Fortunately, most folks are not seriously ill so our Healthstyle Services are perfect.  But if you are seriously ill, suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes two or other serious ailments, we have a more intense program that may be a better fit.

Disease is EXPENSIVE.  With the Healthcare Debate, the major component NEVER discussed was PREVENTION; not to mention reversal.  Trillion$ of our tax dollars could be saved by simply NOT GETTING SICK.  The best, most economical, way to prevent disease is to simply and DELICIOUSLY adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle, full of delicious meals and Plant Based Cuisine. Simple, cheap and delicious!

All our programs consist of basic Healthstyle components:

We will spend between 35 and 45 HOURS with you personally to help you understand and achieve a healthier lifestyle! We will visit with you (either skype/phone/in-person) depending on your location and be available for questions and support.
  Healthstyle Services

Skip offers personal experiences to support his counseling and suggestions on lifestyle.  As a Nutritional Holistic Survivor of cancer, he helps patients wend their way through a myriad of issues dealing with cancer and other lifestyle diseases.  In addition, Skip can discuss various approaches to a Plant Based Lifestyle and answer those pesky questions about living a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Skip also applies his background in Psychology and Consulting during his health and wellness counseling sessions to ease his clients into a new lifestyle and begin the journey to health and wellness.  His degree in Behavioral Psychology Degree from the University of Houston,  provides an excellent background in his Lifestyle Counseling practice.

This program is an intensive personal counseling, training and lifestyle cleansing process.  Every client is different but this program typically will be of approximately 10 weeks duration.  There are many steps to cleansing disease from your body and stopping a recurrence.

Why not give us a call NOW and receive a Free 20 minute counseling/listening session to see if we can help You begin your journey into a New, more Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle!
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  Ongoing Support Program

There are many questions you may have as you progress with your Plant Based Lifestyle that can often can be answered,usually quickly, but who to ask? Well we offer a Lifestyle Services that allows you to contact us directly for advice, questions and diet & lifestyle related questions.

One of the biggest issues with moving toward a Plant Based Lifestyle is how to prepare your favorite meals and that of your family, the Plant Based Way! Chef Nancy can help you with substitutions and ingredients so you will never have to miss that favorite dish or meal!
What will you fix for dinner?
How much of that spice should I really use?
Are meat Analogues really good for you?
Do I have what I need for this meal?
What should I serve for desert?
What do I need for non-dairy Deserts?
Where Can I Find This Ingredient?
Almost Anything You Need!

Reserve your place NOW. Only a few of these On Call Slots remain.  This retainer arrangement is available to You. Select from three levels of monthly schedules:

  • I Need Just a Bit of Guidance – up to 6 15 minute calls per month - $175/month
  • I Need Some Help – up to 4 15 minute calls per week - $450/month
  • I Have No Idea What I'm Doing – Up to 6 15 minute calls per week - $675/month

As you learn and progress, you can change plans at any time and we will adjust the remaining call limits. You can make the call additive, combining a call for longer, using more of your allotted minutes.

In addition, we can supply you with a wide variety of supplements. These products, used in our Healthstyle programs will aid in keeping you healthy, improve longevity and provide a continued energetic Lifestyle!