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Making a Lifestyle Resolution
Your Health IS Your Wealth!

Don't think just in terms of diets & New Year's resolutions... They seldom ever last!  Think in terms of your LIFESTYLE Objective, an all-encompassing thing that will remain with you the rest of your LIFE!

How can you be a more focused, effective, energetic person?  Being a healthy vibrant person is necessary to provide that foundation energy and vitality to achieve any goals you set. What can you do to be Healthier today than you were yesterday?  More energetic and vital than you have ever been before?

If you want to get anything substantial achieved in life, meet your life goals or experience personal growth, must WORK to achieve it.   Health is your true Wealth but just like any other goal, you must put forth an effort to achieve it!

Goals, after all, are just steps to achieve your Objective and we are talking about a Lifestyle Objective that will maintain your Health and Wellness for the rest of your Life!

To achieve your goals, any goal, a realistic, sustainable, executable plan must be accompanied with intention and commitment.  This goal is one you will continue to work toward and to maintain for the Rest of Your LIFE. 

It’s called Your LIFESTYLE!

Everyone works towards a goal differently.  Some goals are more complex and more difficult to achieve than others.  Sometimes goals are linked and work together to achieve a broader more complex objective. Whatever your method, goal or objective you need a Plan.

Focus on Goals to Meet an Achievable Objective.

We All would love to be rich, maybe even a Billionaire, like President Elect Trump. That is a great objective and it’s easy to get carried away with creating a huge list of complex goals that most will never achieve.  Sometimes you have to temper goals & objectives with more near term achievable reality.

Our objective here is to define goals to meet your Lifestyle Objective of better overall Health & Wellness.

Understand a Plant Based Lifestyle

Why Plant-Based?  Why not?  Whole Plant Foods are complete with all their rich natural complement of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They have not been highly processed nor do they contain synthetic, artificial or irradiated ingredients. They are not genetically modified (non-GMO) to contain pesticide components that have undetermined impacts on the human organism.

Moving towards a healthier living lifestyle with a plant based lifestyle and nutrition, you will notice amazing effects on your total wellbeing!  Not everyone will want to become stay on a strict plant based diet, but as you approach this and begin to eliminate dairy, meat, fish and eggs and animal based products and bi-products, you won't help but want to continue.

You WILL feel better after a few short days/weeks and after a month or more, you will be amazed! As you add one day at a time with your Plant Based Lifestyle, you will notice significant changes in your body, mind and spirit!  And it really is SO easy to enjoy delicious Plant Based Cuisine!

Eliminate the Temptations!

This means, cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator!  If you have crap food and snacks in the house, the temptation to indulge will always be there; eliminate the temptation!

You can begin by cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator and giving away the stuff you will no longer consume.  Make a Plan (goal) to restock only the healthier foodstuffs in the future! An easily achievable goal for sure!

Restocking Your Pantry

To start with you have to have something to eat in the house after you have eliminated the crap, meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  You will really miss some of these things but don’t despair!  There are Healthy Alternatives from meat analogues to non-dairy ice cream, cheeses and dairy free chocolate!

Many of the things you already have are fine.  Flour, sugar, raisins, beans, brown rice, tomato sauces etc.  But many of the things that will forever remain OFF your grocery list can be readily substituted.  All of your spices are just fine; you can build a nice supply from recipes we will show you!

Go for healthier oils (used only sparingly).  Organic products are great and not that much more expensive.  Avoiding Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) contamination can be a bigger challenge as not as many products are easily identifiable as containing GMO ingredients.

Pantry basics:

  • Varieties of Canned Beans & Lentils
  • Canned tomatoes, sauces, pastes etc.
  • Brown Rice (also many varieties)
  • Soy/Almond Milk – most of these are ‘shelf stable’
  • Chocolate – Dark Chocolate usually has no dairy, but check the label.  Costco has 4.5 pounds of chocolate for about $10.00 that is great for cookies, cakes and melting for a ganache.

Refrigerator/Freezer basics:

  • Greens and more greens – you can never have too many! Spinach, collard and other greens are both inexpensive and great for you; not to mention delicious.  Replace iceberg lettuce with Romain.
  • Try some non-Dairy Ice Cream.  Ben & Jerry’s have a few delicious varieties: Chunky Monkey (vegan – read the label) is a favorite.  So Delicious and others make Soy, Almond and Coconut based varieties.  Yogurts too!
  • Apples, grapes and other refrigerated fruits are great too!
  • Consider trying some ‘meat analogues’ now found in most grocery stores. Products from Gardein, Beyond Meat, ToFurky and Field Roast are among the most popular.  You can find anything from ‘ground beef’ to beef tips, meat balls, chicken and turkey analogues.

Identify Your Initial Meal Plan

Most households/people have a small set of daily meals that are their ‘go to’ breakfast, lunch and dinner choices.  Often, these can be ‘adjusted’ to, what we call ‘veganized’ meals.  Replacing some unhealthy ingredients with healthier alternatives is something you will need to do when restocking your pantry and refrigerator.

We can provide you with more than 20,000 recipes but that is just overwhelming.  Think of your favorite daily meals and work with that.  Just plan a few meals that are meat, fish, dairy and egg free to begin your journey towards your Healthier Lifestyle Goals.

Naturally your ‘meal plan’ will dictate what you will restock in your pantry and refrigerator.  Most homes have a nice selection of fresh seasonal fruit on the counter.  Think of that when yearning for that sweet snack!

Find Local Establishments that Server Plant Based Options

You might be surprised at how many restaurants and bars will offer plant based options.  Sometimes you just have to ask!

Besides the obvious ‘Vegan Restaurants’ there are Indian Food places, Mexican and many ethnic establishments that can accommodate and often feature Plant Based Cuisine (they may just call it something else!).

The popular Yard House Resturant/Bar features Gardein, a meat analogue line of products.  The Sinatra Resturant in Las Vegas serves Gardein products as well! There are many others.

Use the Internet to find establishments that server plant based cuisine. A great app is from Happy Cow ( that allows you to search/rate plant focused establishments, providing ratings, menus and directions.

Hedging Your Bets

Most of the time, a Plant Based Lifestyle will provide you with a sufficient set of vitamins, minerals and the rest, with the exception of vitamin B12!

B12 comes from DIRT, well more specifically the organisms in dirt that animals eat in the pastures and fields. Now days, most animals are factory farm fed with grains and other stuff not found in their natural diet; thus, NO B12 (unless it is added).

Many products are ‘fortified’ with B12 but to be safe, most Plant Based Lifestyle folks should take additional supplementation.  To play it safe, we suggest a really good multi-vitamin that will give you that insurance policy that you are getting ALL the nutrients you require.  Other suppliments: Suppliments & More.

Set Your Health & Wellness Objective
Get Healthy!